House of Immortality Pt 2!

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Re: House of Immortality Pt 2!

Post  Creaturee on Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:44 am



When his thoughts began to spiral and downward he went he was awoken when the car hit something on a road. He blinked once tightly, turning his head to the window waiting for his vision to become a better quality. The light came bare with his eyes and his pupils grown small. "How far are we?" He asked his voice deep and hoarse with such a tired tone, his flight here from South Korea was also a long time he has a hard time sleeping on planes. His eyes are just stuck to the images of clouds and scenery on which looked the same for miles on end. He leaned up adjusting his over sized hoodie and perfect baggy white shirt that hid behind it, fixing his black jeans that were ripped at the knees and slipping back on his black and white vans. He had heard that the apartments here were decent size and he couldn't wait to get one for himself privacy was one of his favorites. The cab came to halt when his eyes began to wander to what lied on the other side of the car door. The Mansion.

What was this, some sort of billionaire's idea to bring together people who are different. Suga's ideas of different was far from others, he knew what these people were who lied behind those brick walls. He just happened to not be on of them, his eyes fluttered with sudden despair as this place must be filled with chaos. Everyone thinks so, he must have not been the only one with a little taste of insanity or in fact urging for it. He got out of the car holding his wallet and phone in his hand and his luggage in the other, like any other person he tipped the cab driver and made sure he had everything before heading for the large mansion with what ever so troubled that was inside of it. People seemed decently normal, he studied criminology, crime was what he was interested in, treatment for pestilence was another. "Well then" He whispered to himself with his voice cracked and damaged from the lack of water and urging for the touch of it. He walked to the door, pulling it open before entering it was nice massive actually. Just how in the hell did he get here from his home country, he didn't know what ever so to do.

Walking to the front desk, placing his stuff down for a slight second pronouncing his name for the man and women behind the counter getting handed his room key. Lifting to see the number he was on level four, well he'd be walking for a little while the exercise was needed anyways. He began walking for a little while before just seeing an elevator, he must have been quite the intelligent one genius in fact. He walked in and pressed four, hearing it move and stumble around a few moments passed and the loud ding was alarmed the doors had opened. Walking out, searching for his room it wasn't long until he found it he put in the key and twisted it opening the door and chuckling at the sight of water bottles on the end table of the kitchen. He walked over and grabbed the water and chugged it down his throat becoming smooth instead of rough. His eyes wandered, he was impressed very impressed at that. Giving himself about an hour to adjust to the surroundings, he walked out to get use to the place he usually liked fresh air, so he grabbed his favorite book The Shining - By Stephan King and headed down stairs. In the blink of an eye all he could remember was sitting outside on a bench with a water bottle in one hand and his book in the other. His eyes scanning the words and the sentences lead on and on, as if he had nothing else going on around him.

"Here we go again, i feel the chemicals kicking in."

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