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Indiana =P
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About Me:My name is Jinxy Genesis Mate. I'am 19 and yes I was born on my Niece's birthday or actually she was born on MY birthday. (Birthday stealer -_-) Anywho I have a Facebook under the name of Jinxy O'Mae and now the relationship thing is not realy btw. I was being nice and the kid wanted a girlfriend to show his friends how cool he was...lmao. And Daniel Taylor I do know, thats the only reason I get friend requests from people like Victoria Justice and Grayson Chance and yeah whatevs. I have a brother named Domnu(Evee used his name didnt she? >.> smh) and I live in a apartment with him. I'm usually on because I'm one of the Mods and no I do not advice you guys go on there because...some people are disturbing. lmao
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Q:When was the last time I saw you? A:Ummm..I dont even know you...who are you again? O_o
Oh hey I'm J!nxie ^.0
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