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-|Birth name: Khaleesi Aberdeen Banu
-|Called by: Khaleesi | Khal | Monroe | Xenia
-|Age: 22 |Twenty two
-|Gender: Female
-| From? Annapolis, Maryland.
-|Diagnosed with: Multiple personality disorder
-| Profession/Hobbies: Journalist | Journalism. Painting, Pottery, & simple wood-work.
-| Married? -
-| Siblings? Younger sister who passed.
-| Kids? –
-|Pet peeves: When people mistake her for another personality. When people portray themselves being better than one another. The sound of birds in the morning and the ticking of loud grandfather clocks. The sound of a cat’s meow and the feeling of them brushing against my legs. The sound of people tapping their fingers on a table.

:: Personality 1 {who are you?}
-Calls herself Khaleesi (Main personality).
-Deceptively happy.
-Impression of a young woman around the age of 22 | twenty-two. She’s very optimistic and over enthusiastic about things most if the time. She can be too adventurous at times, getting lost in the depths of nature as well as her imagination. Though she is not diagnosed with her own self-disorder, she is still deceptively abnormal to people. She enjoys being social with people she finds unique She has a brighter, more uplifting sense of style. Wears a lot of white, beige, and nude pink colors.

:: Personality 2 {who are you?}
-|Full name: Monroe Artemis Corteese
-Calls herself Monroe (Hardly seen).
-Diagnosed with Intermittent explosive disorder.
-Impression of a young women around the age of 24 | twenty-four. She’s morose to the world around her. Her personality is in annihilation and she deludes people in her presence that become social with her. To many people that know her, she is infamous. She lies and betrays family and friends, and has often forethought the act of violence towards people she feels are ‘too innocent’. She believes she was held captive in an insane facility since she was 7 and escaped after a fire she commenced.  She has a darker sense of style, only wears black, grey, and burgundy clothing.

:: Personality 3 {who are you?}
-|Full name: Xenia Hope Arrington
-Calls herself Xenia (Common).
-Diagnosed with Depression/Anxiety disorder.
-Impression of a young women around the age of 21 | twenty-one. Xenia is most definitely and introvert. She used to use alcohol as a way to ease the overwhelming sadness that was hard for her to bare. Though she is common, many won’t see her publicly since she is more sheltered and reserved, and is kept private for tranquility. She is overcome by premonition that something in her life will change for the worse. She fears that people who are exposed to her presence will face tragedy and adversity in their lives. She has a dull sense of style. Wears mostly grey, worn out blue and forest green colors.

{Looks like}
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